2020 Suncorp Super Netball Grand Final, Top 3 players from the Melbourne Vixens v West Coast Fever Game


Jo Weston kept the Fever attacking half quiet.

She and her Vixens defenders are aware of the only weakness they do not possess.

That is the defensive foundation that became unmatched.

It allowed Weston to plot & limit their conversion capabilities.

And she used it to affect the reading via the intercept significantly.

Her height, reach, and jump reflected her physical traits at the goal defense.

Watson managed to lessen the pressure on her team-mates on the other end of the court.

The Vixens dominated and fended off until the very end to win the Grand Final.

Kate Moloney

She controlled it in the middle of the park for the Vixens.

The vision and reading are there via the link-up play towards the circle.

Moloney can be flexible with the long pass & short plays using the pace.

It allowed her to trick the Fever defenders before letting the Mwai Kumwenda & Caitlin Thwaites focus on the finishing.

Not only it puts the pressure back on the opposition.

But Moloney is also shielding her Vixens back three.

Their work rate at the back in limiting the Fever conversion rate made her life more comfortable.

And credit to Moloney on her all-around play tightens the defense & helps her front two-goal scorers own this court.

Jhaniele Fowler

She barely misses a shot up front all afternoon.

The physical traits are there, such as the vision and throw in strength.

Fowler read it well when the Vixens unable to punch away from the net.

Her communication with Alice Teague-Neald gave the Fever a chance to stay alive in the Grand Final race.

But the only thing that lets her down is a lack of link-up play.

And it comes from a disjointed backline that unable to find support.

She has to work as twice as hard with enormous pressure.

Unfortunately did not help Fowler in the end with little service to get the job done.

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