What would the free version of Kayo Sports look like?


Kayo Sports yesterday said they will launch a free version early next year.

It is suitable for users who usually stopped subscribing after the footy season.

And then subscribe again when it comes back in early March.

So would anyone willing to subscribe to a particular sport they like for the month.

We will see and what would this free service has to offer.

Live Sports

The first sport they revealed was the Supercars Championship.

We thought the existing limited free content will continue next year with Channel 7.

But it turned out to be false with a couple more races here live.

It turns out Supercars gets what they want with the balanced mixed content.

Other sports will follow the Supercars Championship in this menu.

Potentially that would be Rugby Union should they retain the rights.

They also want to air one Super Rugby game for free every Saturday night.

Neither Free TV Network have aired a live game so far into its 25 year inception.

And it looks like Foxtel is resolving this long term issue themselves.

You got Supercars and Rugby Union viewership sorted.

Maybe some Big Bash League games in case Seven does not want them anymore.

Plus the leftovers Network 10 has got in their sports library.

Ten is best in the general entertainment area.

The Melbourne Cup, F1 & MotoGP is up for grabs. So come and take it!

News and Supplementary programming 

I know Sky News is mainly on the Pay TV section.

It is unlikely that Kayo will air Sky News 24-7 for free.

But I do think they will air some news programming.

The question is when they will fit on these hectic time slots?

I would say every weeknight at 6 PM except weekends.

Maybe add some news updates and late nights too.

The other part would be chucking in general sports programming.

You can choose a wide range of sports shows on the table.

And it is on demand even if you do not have the time to watch them.

Sports replays/highlights from the weekend and archive events do count.

We just do not know if Kayo will release a separate channel.

Or maybe a dedicated pop up event streams would be the way to go.


It is a wonderful move for Kayo to expand their audience reach.

It may not be everything what we can see in front of the paywall.

But at least it will still be a balance of quality content.

It will appeal Supercars and Rugby Union fans, who need more viewership numbers.

And Kayo can take over Network 10 as the third Free TV sports broadcaster.

It is something Ten wanted to completely exit this market & focus on entertainment.

Safe to say that it is a great move to answer these long term problems.

What is next that they can reduce the pressure off Channel 7.

And that will be airing most of the Big Bash games live.

That way, Seven will keep airing Test Cricket which is one thing they do admire.

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