2020-21 Club Cricket, Week 1 Whiparound


The new local park cricket season may have started yesterday all across Australia.

But we have plenty of persistent wet weather where I am seeing it right now.

I am sure some of the district competition grades have played a little after 1 pm.

But most matches may have turned into a one day game next Saturday.

Two-day cricket would most likely commence in the 1st week of November.

I have taken a look around at a local pitch this morning in Kings Langley, NSW.

The grass is all wet alongside the wickets, which do not come under the turf surface.

But they come up flat and slippery.

Pleasant to see the floodlights installed at each end of the local cricket park.

It is just a shame that the local council will only turn it on during the Footy season from March to September every year.

We hope to see local cricket returning on Saturday, October 31.

That will be around the same day as Halloween!

For now, please have a look at the pitch I have taken below.

I do not live far from this ground from the one I visited today nowadays.

But I will have to find a different cricket pitch near me and show it to you next weekend.

I hope the weather will improve this time around.

Women’s Cricket

Interestingly, there is some women’s cricket going on.

I first saw it near me yesterday morning before 10 am in the juniors competition.

But I did not have the chance to take a picture at a ground near me at the time.

So I chose to use the same picture above from the one I visited today for this section.

Then I saw the opening round of the Women’s Big Bash that began today.

We have seen two early start matches except for the Sydney & Melbourne derby.

Likewise, the local cricket these matches became a victim of Mother Nature.

I did see one player react to the current broadcast situation.

It was the Brisbane Heat v Perth Scorchers game that started at 10 am.

And her name is Beth Mooney, who keeps wicket & batter for the Perth Scorchers.

Image Reference: Bahfriend via Wikipedia, 24/2/20, CC BY 4.0

She played well merely with a great individual score of 37 as the opener.

So not too big with safe singles to threes as well as the one boundary for six.

But the Scorchers let her down with the loss by seven wickets.

Mooney is happy that Channel 7 still has a show to showcase the whole audience.

TV money does play a part in protecting the players’ welfare.

It is a good idea to see Beth talk a bit about this, which is still uncertain.

We better keep an eye on this situation going into Christmas & early 2021.

This saga between Seven & Cricket Australia is not over yet.

The Adelaide Strikers also won the other AM game today v the Hobart Hurricanes by eight wickets.

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