Game 2 Debrief of the 2020 Cadbury Netball Series between the Silver Ferns v England


England initially took advantage of the early lead.

Their defensive unit has improved that halted the Silver Ferns scoring account.

It benefitted England forwards to tone down the Kiwi opposition.

But they still have missed opportunities on occasions with the finishing.

It is something the Silver Ferns did not experience this upfront.

And that is how New Zealand finished Stage 1 with the 14-12 lead.

Credit to the Ferns front two of Ameliaranne Ekansio & Maia Wilson.

Their shooting accuracy looked spring clean in front of the net.

England needs to take a leaf from these girls if they want to catch up.

The away side did close into New Zealand’s radar during the restart.

Goalscoring link-up play and robust backline contributed to that fightback.

Silver Ferns need to cut the penalties out defensively.

The Kiwis is good at the physical sense, which translates to their attack.

But making England miss out on the finishing opportunities will only be better.

Half-Time: New Zealand 23-25 England

England began to pick up some ill-discipline immediately.

They were unable to stop the Ekanasio-Wilson combo.

And their finishing production has seen some holes missing.

The addition of Karin Burger helped remedy the Ferns weakness earlier on.

Karin tightened the Ferns defensive unit, where they made England hit and miss.

It allowed Karin to bridge her forwards to get the job done.

The Ferns executed these shots spotless in a good position after Stage 3.

They do have the lead 38-33 going into the final 15 minute period.

Not only Karin is turning the tide.

But Claire Kersten protected the defense and gone further in the central role.

Claire provided the link up with clear communication through the channels.

The pace is needed to allow Claire to cross to Wilson & Ekanasio with the finish.

And the support she brings to the Silver Ferns benefitted her game tonight.

Full-Time: New Zealand 58-45 England

The Silver Ferns now won the series 2-0 with one game left on Sunday night.

Can the Kiwis clean sweep the three-game series?

Their attacking power upfront is the key to wrap up this series on a high.

Would England at least eye the consolation win?

They may not have won the series after two straight losses from tonight & Wednesday.

But it is their key goal to match the opposition high octane standard still.

For now, I will be back to give the Top 3 player report card.

This time it will be Game 3 of the 2020 Bledisloe Cup tomorrow night at ANZ Stadium in Homebush, NSW.

It also counts as the first game of the six-week 2020 Tri-Nations Series.

Would the All Blacks can get themselves over the line and win the series 2-0?

Otherwise, is the Wallabies going to put this contest at a decider next Saturday in Brisbane?

And do not forget we will have NASCAR Cup Series action on Monday morning my time.

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The penultimate round of the 36-race calendar will take place at Martinsville Speedway.

It is in Ridgeway, Virginia, where three more spots are up for grabs next Sunday for the Final 4.

You win, and you are in a great chance to take home the NASCAR Cup Series Championship.

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