Top 3 players in Game 3 of the 2020 Cadbury Netball Series, Silver Ferns v England


Kelly Jury made an immediate impact for six minutes from Game 2 on Friday.

She started tonight and sets the same standard.

There are all sorts of tools Kelly can unpack in the goal keeper role.

Her height is one of these traits she brings to the table.

So does her age at 24 fitting the young and hungry bill.

Like the way, Kelly uses the reach to arrest England’s conversions play.

Kelly is aware of their hesitation, which is allowed to swoop with her physicality.

And she profited her natural game to stop England from catching up on the scoreboard.

Not only Kelly can form a robust defensive unit with Jane Watson & Karin Burger.

She gave her attackers a chance to get the job done.

Kelly filled in beautifully where Sulu Fitzpatrick played here in Game 1 & 2.

The Ferns will no doubt have a healthy defensive unit.

You have Sulu’s defensive physical build and pace to fill in at GK & GK.

And you have Kelly possess all of the above to stop leaking points:

  • The height that is suitable for her natural defensive role at GK.
  • Visionary to analyze the opposition weakness.
  • Physicality to lock up the opposition conversions.

Maia Wilson

She continued to stand out as the in-form players throughout this series.

I have to say that Maia is a natural goalscorer upfront for the Silver Ferns.

Maia profits from England’s lack of communication.

It allowed the Ferns to make up the build-up play & lets the ball come to her.

She can execute with the right service and cross to get the job done.

And Maia finishes with beautiful touch with that powerful throw in the net.

There is barely any mistake that Maia that missed to let England restart the ball play.

It ended up an effortless task to gift the Ferns the clean sweep win.

She finished tonight with an impressive shooting accuracy of 94%.

Shots are barely missed, with 44 times prosperous out of 47.

And two goal assists on the board.

Kelly and Maia both have the potential to become the future Ferns legends.

That would be winning regular series tours every year.

Do not forget the 22′ Commonwealth Games & the 23′ World Cup.

And it can go on for a long time as these two are outstanding in this series.

Razia Quashie

She has to be one of the standout players tonight.

It is hard to see Razia experience a losing side like the Red Roses.

But she would fit anywhere in the back three if you combine both sides.

Razia fired off well defensively to give the best opportunity that England needs.

The vision is there to analyze the Ferns attacking weakness.

And Razia took advantage of the Ferns missed conversions.

It is that little communication upfront that helps her shield the net.

She worked at her hardest to keep Maia Wilson & Ameliaranne Ekanasio quiet.

It did not end up her way, unfortunately, to prevent the Ferns’ goalscoring spree.

The Red Rose did not cut down the hesitation.

That is a weakness they could not execute with the conversions.

Safe to say that the England attackers did not protect Razia.

The Red Roses need Razia’s help to get the whole squad winning matches.

Tonight is just one department better v the Silver Ferns.

And Razia is one of them who benefited her game based on the physical build.

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