Rugby Union news with the Top 3 players from the Argentina v All Black Game, 2020 Tri Nations


Akira Ioane kept Argentina quiet all night long in the No.6 shirt for the All Blacks.

He read the Los Pumas weaknesses well defensively. The secret about his game is spotting their lack of conversion play.

Akira notices this immediately when the Los Pumas have no support runners.

He made their situation worse by marking that opposition target. Akira was able to call some support to stop their chance.

And that is how Akira helped win the ball for the All Blacks.

His tall build at 1.9 m & physical traits not just able to mark the opposition alone.

He can also read the Los Pumas defense being nervous under pressure. They did not communicate the best of finishes.

The root of their problems is behind a lack of attacking support via the channels. Akira executed it with the Los Pumas poor line outs and collapsed scrummaging.

It gives his attackers a chance to dismantle their defense. And they have done it well thanks to Akira’s secrets.

It is important to set up the attack so the All Blacks can stay ahead. So Los Pumas would struggle to catch up later on.

Will Jordan

How about a last 40 masterclass even it if comes off the bench. That would be no other than Will Jordan on the left wing.

This is his second test appearance for his country with the All Blacks.

He possesses so much power and pace going forward at age 22. Will has done it plenty of times before at the Crusaders.

And so does with Tasman Mako in the provincial Mitre 10 Cup back home. Will read the situation well with the support created from his forwards.

They tell him to get ready & Will stayed in line with the build up play. Then he had complete control from start to finish.

His double touchdown speaks for thousand words. Even it is a two minute cameo. Perfect DVD reel for anyone who looks up to Will & emulate him one day.

His support players have cancelled the Los Pumas finishing woes. As said earlier with their poor communication play.

They helped assist in return for Will Jordan to deliver not just the win. And humiliate the opposition defenders.

But also took the bonus point at the same time. So the All Blacks increased their chances of winning the 2020 Tri Nations.

Guido Petti

He did his best to keep the All Blacks quiet all night long. The reading is there to mark the opposition attackers down.

And Los Pumas able to delay their conversion play at times under his watch.

That is how the Pumas won some penalty opportunities. But there is something they did not utilise their best in return.

The All Blacks have demonstrated their attacking setup tip top. The Pumas did not learn from their examples at all.

Despite their defense being a level playing field in line with the opposition. That is a half decent team v a full strong 15.

It will be their lack of fire on their belly going forward. They miscommunicated with little to no support players.

It is something they got their conversion chances cancelled. And turn the ball to the All Blacks end to get the job done.

The rest they create is history by putting his defenders under pressure. And unable to hold them accountable in the end.

His attacking half needs Guido’s support to get as many touchdowns possible. That will guaranteed you to win games 100%.

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