A look back on NBCSN’s 10 year tenure ahead of their shutdown before 2022


NBC Sports Network aka NBCSN has been there for nearly 10 years. But this sports channel will wrap up after 2021.

They plan to move most of their content from NBCSN. And shove it to the USA Network. While the rest would go to their new streaming service on Peacock. I am sure these will be available via the add-on subscription. While some will air for free.

So the 2nd half of NASCAR Cup/Xfinity race season will be on USA. Do not know when. I hope NBC can simulcast them via Peacock. But that is my guess at this stage. With three more seasons left in the current NASCAR TV contract before 2025.

While the National Hockey League will follow the same path as NASCAR. Some English Premier League soccer will be on their basic Pay-TV channel. The NBCSN shutdown does not mean every EPL game will be on Peacock. There are customers still out there who prefer cable. Despite the recent boom of paid streaming apps.

Now I do not watch NBCSN as a channel since I am from Australia. But I do get to see their coverage feed. Having watched both Kayo/NASCAR Trackpass streaming.

I can reflect on memories with this channel however. When NBC Sports Network was born at the start of 2012 as part of the Olympics year. As well as the first year of the NHL & Major League Soccer deal. After the Olympics they brought the rights to air Formula One.

That first major purchase was a success from 2013-2017. But F1 on NBC/NBCSN did not go on when they wanted via NBC Sports Gold. So NBC can continue this relationship. Then Formula One itself created a paid streaming service themselves. And it unfortunately add interference with their current product.

The F1 rights over in the USA therefore went to ESPN and ABC. In which still goes on to this day. Another of the NBCSN successful assets was the English Premier League. This coverage also first aired during the same year as F1. Most of the on-air staff there are uniquely British which is synonymous. But I hear recently their content style has run dry. That is something they have to fix before 2022.

And last but not least where I follow all the time, NASCAR. This relationship began in 2015 on a 10 year deal. Where they inherited it from ESPN. The booth boys were a fresh breath of air. Before Dale Jr. put this on the next level in 2018. While the pit reporters are always spot on.

But it remains to see if NBC can keep it up with their NASCAR content. They will not have a host following the dismissal of Krista Voda recently. I am also not sure if the studio analysts will stay on. Otherwise, they might join Rick Allen for the pre & post race shows. Or leave altogether.

Everyone is looking ahead of the last legs approaching from NBCSN. With the Postponed Tokyo Summer Olympics around the corner in August. Before they wrap with a wonderful 10-year innings. I would give them a half-century based on cricket. When it comes to producing quality content on this sports channel.

Then NBC will look ahead of the future with USA Network & Peacock. Some major sports can be seen on USA without having to pay extra for cable. And only take the basic package. While it remains cheaper than ever to subscribe to Peacock Premium. Just $5 a month to access an EPL, Rugby & Figure Skating content. As the competition v ESPN + is game on.

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