Test Cricket News on Jimmy Anderson’s 6fer yesterday for England even at age 38


I wanted to take a look at the England v Sri Lanka Test Series with interest. But unable to watch it because there is no TV rights available in Australia. I do not know why when we have the summer of cricket here. And better to have all on one place.

I did have a chance to watch the highlights off YouTube though. It is via the Sri Lanka cricket channel showing 22 minute highlights clips. But I wanted to talk so highly on one individual player.

And his name is Jimmy Anderson who is currently age 38. Having played just red ball cricket in recent years. In which is fair enough. Especially having to take good care of himself. And prioritise recovery.

He may not have played the opening Test match for England. Where Stuart Broad lead the bowling last week. But great to rotate one another by resting Broad & bring back Anderson. When Jimmy came on he is a lot fresh and fit like a youngster.

Now it is unfortunate that an ageing athlete has lost some speed. That includes the likes of Jimmy and Dale Steyn. While it can be possible to bowl 160 km/hr at AGE 38. It has to require a lot of effort compared to the younger ones.

But Jimmy is still the athlete we always know from the start. Where he picked up a whopping 6fer haul (6/40). He is the first bowler to do so in over 107 years at age 38 & over. And he bowled the most of any fast bowler of 29 overs after Day 1, Test 2.

It is safe to say that Jimmy has changed his game to prolong his career. Well not all three formats. But only focusing on the red ball game. Better to say quality here than quantity. He shortened his run up while looking at the areas. The areas where the batsman he is facing has his own weaknesses. And Jimmy used those basics to make the batsman hesitate.

Goes to show that Jimmy used strength training to keep himself in shape. While maintaining the action and landing points off his right hand. Especially when he bowled that in swinger. May be out wide using the short ball. But Oshada Fernando did not move his feet without any idea at all. That helped Jimmy celebrate this scalp as it chopped into the off stump.

I am nearly age 24 so I better look at him as source of inspiration. And hopefully be like Jimmy when I reach his age eventually by then. I do not want to keep my expectations too high or low. But anything semi-pro like grade cricket. Even first-class cricket overseas only is doable.

How long will Jimmy Anderson keep playing Tests for England? And even first-class level with Lancashire? I am not going to say every game where he will get hurt in one of these occasions. And take more time to get these injuries out. But I would say up to age 43-45 be great to wrap up.

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