Tennis Australia News, 2021 ATP Cup Final 2nd singles game: Daniil Medvedev v Matteo Berrettini


It has been a very close 1st stage for both Daniil Medevev & Matteo Berretini. Medevev may have jumped ahead with the early fire off going into the halfway point 3-1. But Berretini did not give up without a fight. When he gave Medevev some pressure with a few deuces beforehand. Before Medevev broke free past the Italian in the end.

Not only Medevev had to face a few deuces against him to get past him unscathed. The Russian also eventually found some conversions to win the 1st set 6-4. Good game so far for both players. But for Berrettini his match is not over yet. When he was on par with Medevev at the start and began to hold him off a bit. Just unable to find the middle ground to fend him off after a 1st set loss.

Berrettini desperately scrambled to save this 2nd stage set with the initlal lead 1-0. So that possible win can help himself dominate the tiebreaker. And put this series 1-1 for Italy into a decider via the doubles tie for the ATP Cup trophy. But Berrettini unfortunately could not keep up the same momentum as it was in Stage 1.

When Medevev dominated the 2nd set fair and square with a big margin ahead of Berrettini. The Italian may have earned another late point himself 2-5. Where he denied Russia with the 2 championship points at the first attempt. But it is Medevev who got the job done 6-2, 6-2 that sealed not just the series win 2-0. But also the ATP Cup Title for Russia. With the 3rd & final game in the doubles to spare.

This game was done in 1 hour, 20 min & 10 seconds as per Rolex time clock at Rod Laver Arena. What a game from Medevev who came up against Berrettini. Not only he was able to just close down the Italian at the start towards a comfortable lead halfway. The Russian found a bridge to execute these conversions in both sets.

While Berrettini thought he was on the same page as Medevev in the 1st half of Stage 1. It does not mean that he was a bad player overall. But the lack of consistency prevented Berrettini from executing this game at large. With just two points earned in the 2nd set. Despite denying Medevev these championship points at the first attempt. Where Italy forced to settle for a runner-up place behind Russia for the ATP Cup trophy.

Well the post-game ceremonies have already taken place here with Todd Woodbridge as the MC. So the 3rd and final game in the doubles might not have gone ahead. After we saw the three-match series decided beforehand. But what a week it has been of the 2021 ATP Cup. As we now turn our attention to the Grand Slam tomorrow.

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