2021 Australian Open News, Section 4, R4 Men’s Singles Game: Felix Auger-Aliassime v Aslan Karastev


The World No.20 from Canada Felix Auger-Aliassime fired off well in the 1st half of Stage 1 3-1. When Aslan Karatsev may have held the Canadian back a bit. Having fired back to desperately save his Stage 1 bid for the mini win. But was narrowly beaten to the punch by Auger-Aliassime with a three point gap. Auger-Aliassime wrapped up Stage 1 in just 39 minutes of play this afternoon. This score is 6-3.

Nothing much has changed with Auger-Aliassime held on the build up base that worked so well. Despite a little headstart Karatsev made after the 1st break. Auger-Aliassime however bridged the 1st & 2nd half runs this time too easy. With another productive stage to tie two mini wins up after just one hour of play 6-1. While Karasev still frustrated with a lack of feel on each run so far this afternoon. The Russian will need to find a solution somewhere to save his game.

Karatsev began to reach boiling point with a huge roar over his conversion play. He still has the ability to get off the mark having scored a point first. As well as the first half run that bounced back as it was in Stage 1. Where he lead Stage 3 for the first time ahead of Auger-Aliassime 3-2. Before Karasev was able to slow down his progress. As he denied Auger-Aliassime a straight sets route. With a stage win by himself after the 3rd set 6-3 that goes into Stage 4.

Auger-Aliassime however began to report the lack of middle ground this time on his end. Where the Canadian was blown away by Karatsev. Having found plenty of difficulties catching up in the 1st & 2nd half play. Before Karatsev blocked his chance to close out a win at the 2nd attempt. As Karastev won another stage to keep himself in the game. Despite a late challenge from Auger-Aliassime 6-3.

Both players are now tied 2-2 apiece going into the 5th & final stage of the afternoon. Karatsev would like to wrap it up with a decent comeback after the first two stage losses. Auger-Aliassime on the other hand can still turn his recent slump around. With just one more stage win needed to book a spot in the Quarter Final on Tuesday.

As this game just crossed the three-hour mark Karatsev still maintained his build up base momentum. Where he began to distance himself lead away from Auger-Aliassime. But the 20th seed from Canada however began to climb back 2-4. In a bid to spoil his comeback trail in the last minute. Before it was too little, too late from Auger-Aliassime. From a almost easy and then unsuccessful route in Stage 3 & 4 to an upset loss. As Aslan Karatsev dominated the 2nd half of the game out of nowhere. Despite a slow first two stages. And worked through it the hard way to get this job done.

The final score was completed in 3 hours & 25 mins: 6-3, 6-1, 3-6, 3-6, 4-6. Aslan Karatsev made the Quarter Finals the conventional way via the qualifier in this competition. He was on the verge of being knocked out at the first attempt after Stage 2. By a tough opponent from Felix Auger-Aliassime. But Karatsev able to turn around with the 1st & 2nd half runs functioning together. From a 2% chance of winning at the time to 80-90% chance of winning after Stage 5.

While Auger-Aliassime dominated just the 1st half of this match on all cylinders. It looked to be an easy task to wrap it up before the two-hour mark after Stage 2. But the last half of the afternoon saw him falter. Before a lack of 1st and 2nd half consistency eventually bit back to haunt him. As his journey at the Australian Open comes to a close. Not the way how he was knocked by the Qualifer/World 112 seed from Russia. We do wish Auger-Aliassime the best of luck.

Karastev will meet either Grigor Dimitrov or Dominic Thiem in the 2nd QF game.

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