Netball News, 2021 Constellation Cup Game 2 Debrief: Silver Ferns v Australian Diamonds


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The Diamonds fired off to a great start with the early lead v Silver Ferns in Game 2. It was an easy ride for them ahead in the first half of Stage 1. Thanks to a few changes that worked very late in Game 1 last night. Despite the overall loss by a few points 44-49. And Australia at last changed their tune in a positive light as they win Stage 1, 15-6.

Stage 2 sees the Diamonds maintain their momentum from right when the first whistle blew. They showed plenty of attacking intent in the final third. In contary to last night which did not happen for most of the time. That is an improvement added from a defensive-only performance. While the Silver Ferns struggled at large with the missed conversions. In which turned into a isolated back three. As the Diamonds lead Silver Ferns by 15 points at half-time, 30-16.

The Ferns made up some lost time with a couple of points back on the board. Where the momentum has upped the ante after a slow & turbulent 1st two stages. Their defense has tighened alongside improved communication going forward. But the Diamonds still lead by 9-10 points. Having desperately scrambling to hold on the defense. Despite a few points scored behind Silver Ferns in Stage 3 alone. Neverthless the Diamonds go into Stage 4 up front, 38-28.

In the end both sides were so competitive tonight. But this time it belonged to a different winner. As the Diamonds bounce back with the performance they deserve. The final score is 45-36. And Diamonds tie 1-1 with Ferns in the four-game 2021 Constellation Cup Series. There is two games left this Saturday & Sunday. Where we look forward to the climax. And see who will take home the trophy.

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