Netball News, 2021 Constellation Cup Game 4: Ferns v Diamonds Debrief


Stage 1 sees Australia out in front ahead of the Silver Ferns. With both teams each made some mistakes on occasions up front. Though the defensive ends have put a shift each time the Ferns & Diamonds win turnovers. But it is Australia who capitalized the early lead 12-6 after 15 minutes.

The Ferns began to make up lost time with a couple of points on the board. As they still keep an eye on the scoreboard in every chance possible to win. While the Aussie Diamonds kept distancing themselves way from Silver Ferns for the lead. Away team doing everything possible to build a big lead ahead of half-time. Before looking to find the 2nd half run & shut them down. Diamonds have stayed ahead. But game is not over yet for the Ferns who continued to score. It is 22-16 at the break.

The Diamonds continued to lead during the first half of Stage 3. But the Ferns were six points at half-time. And smashed their way upfront. Thanks to the Diamonds attacking errors which does sound impatient. Ferns able to shave off the scoreboard lead before leading for the first time with 4 mins left. With Australia made some subs in order to solve their recent mess upfront. As the feel is not the same this time from the 1st half. Though they bounced back just before Stage 4 with the 1 point lead 31-30. 15 mins left after this on the run home. Will Australia tie 2-2 that would see them retain the series. Or will the Silver Ferns lock them out to cap off 3-1 & win the Constellation Cup since 2012.

In the end the Diamonds still lack answers with their defense to stop New Zealand. Alongside a isolated front three. Having unable to make up turnovers from the other end. Which led to missed chances up front. Silver Ferns on the other hand were able to get the job done upfront. As well as tightening the defense to prevent the Diamonds from catching up. And that helped the home side reach the finish line first for the Game 4 win & Constellation Cup trophy. The final score is 45-43.

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