Rugby News, 2021 Super Rugby AU Week 7 Report: Rebels v Reds


Queensland Reds gone ahead swiftly with the first few points. There was great defense from Jock Campbell who read the Rebels isolation. He dragged Frank Lomani into touch one by one. Before the away side got it done via Taniela Tupou.

Not long later the Rebels were isolated when they have the ball in front. The pass from Reece Hodge was not close. Instead it was a vague pass to Matt Toomua. As Hunter Paisami read it well that helped him intercept the ball. And ran more than 50 meters of pace. In which was too easy to touch down. Queensland Reds now extend their lead to 14-0 after five mins.

That poor start continues from the Melbourne based side. With Queensland extended their lead to 17. Thanks to an accurate three-point slot from James O’Connor. The current skipper at No.10 went on to assist a 2nd patient run to Taniela Tupou. Especially when the Rebels have not yet turned around. Such as the lost penalties and miscommunication with the ball. Reds now 24-0 after 18 minutes.

At last the Rebels have began to dig a hole. The winning penalties are there to claim. Which saw take themselves some time with the ball. Before Matt Toomua able to find the offload. Having looked at the width of the field that eventually found a gap. Thanks to Frank Lomani who processed this 1st big score on the right wing. Rebels now 7-24 after 30 minutes.

Then Rebels followed up with a brilliant next run. Melbourne took advantage of the Reds lack of feel this time. Unlike the momentum shown during the first 20 minutes. Where Frank Lomani break through their gate. And called out Reece Hodge with the brilliant offload. This is great talkup that helped this midfield runner touched down. Rebels now 10 points behind the Reds ahead of half-time. As they are not done early just yet.

Half-Time: Rebels 14-24 Reds

Nothing much changed from the Reds after 20 minutes of play. Where the initial momentum tag flipped upside down into lost penalties. In contrary to the Rebels who have remained patient with the ball in hand. But lost their way forward. As the Reds bounced back. Thanks to a great line from Jock Campbell. Michael Wells have held him short the first time. Just not enough bodies around to save it that saw the Reds score again. Rebels 24-31 after 47 minutes courtesy of Fraser McWright.

Reds went on to push a bit further via the penalty kick. While the Rebels dropped the momentum on their next run. Such as the lost penalties given away. And a disjointed attacking talkup. That cost them the chance to close the opposition down. Rebels 14-34 with nearly 20 to go.

The away team continued to profit the Rebels decline. Having seen them being warned after they were hit with the penalty. They backed up with decent patience in return. Due to the excellent talkup via the set piece play. And James O’Connor controlled the game well via the short ball. With Jock Campbell as the recipient for the next big score. Rebels 14-39 Reds after the 65th minute mark.

The men in blue have responded immediately. Courtesy of Michael Wells on the far left on the Rebels. After Frank Lomani continued to break a couple of meters into the Reds half. As seen a couple of times tonight. But they are still 20 points behind the Reds at 19-39.

And it is the Reds who continued in a winning fashion. When Bryce Hegarty made a brilliant cross kick onto the far right. Saw Reece Hodge fumbled the ball up high. Before it landed in front of sub utility back Josh Flook. He tapped the ball down within the touch line. In which secured his first Super Rugby TRY. The final scorecard is Rebels 19-44 Reds.

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