Rugby Union News, NSW Waratahs must meet what Angus Bell wants as part of their rebuilding phase


A few days after the Waratahs have made some progress. Despite the narrow loss against the Brumbies at home. But there is every reason to put so much heart in this rebuilding path. Ever since the Tahs began to collapse at least since 2019.

Which is the same time as the Reds were very much dismantled. Even the damage was done years before Ewen McKenzie left in 2013. Two of his successors did not do a good job. Then Brad Thorn took over as Coach in 2018. Their resurrection did not complete overnight. But eventually ever since Super Rugby AU began last year they battled in the Top 2. And now they are undefeated so far in this season.

Now the focus is here goes to Angus Bell who plays at loosehead prop. He is a very bright prospect at age 20. Having came from a rugby-led background via his dad Mark. And has made a cap or two last year with the Wallabies. In the hope of adding more later this year. Not just France. But also the Rugby Championship.

The question remains here if Angus will leave the Tahs? And join a rival Super Rugby club? This beleaguered team at the minute hit and missed plenty of opportunities. It may be a young side in progress right now. Such as Carlo Tizzano on the openside role. You got Mark Nawaqanitawase playing some minutes at wing/full-back. And Jeremy Williams put a great shift in the second row. Especially with that cameo TRY v Rebels away.

But definitely retain Angus here for 3-4 years. He has to be part of the Tahs rebuild that would finally benefit everyone else. It is up to the board to offer what he wants. As said a while ago that they have a predominately young squad. So there is not much leaders out there like Jake Gordon. Which is something the NSW need to find later this year ahead of 2022.

There is nothing against these youngsters moving to the senior setup. Just need excellent mentors who have lots of expertise & glory before. And it will no doubt benefit the current youth crop regarding competition. That includes Angus Bell who would give his hometown a helping hand. In my opinion two new wingers on each flank. Plus an extra second rower. All of them experienced would be exactly the Tahs need to buy.

So once the Tahs balance a side with youth and experience. These youngsters will be able to learn from someone who is at their prime. Or else way past it towards the twilight stages. Before they are able to become leaders of this squad. Just like a couple of Reds youngsters now who have 3-4 years experience. And played like they are used to Super Rugby level for a long time. That is a lesson the Waratahs must take note. Not only the experienced men can help them win. The youngsters would be happy to follow their lead. And pass to the next generation in 10-15 years.

It might be reasonable to see Angus join the Brumbies. They are like the Crusaders out of the five Australian Super Rugby teams. Two of their experienced props are approaching their twilight years. And the Brumbies see Angus as a natural fit. As he would be guaranteed a starting spot every week. But for the best interest that would reshape Australian Rugby. The Tahs must and should retain him in a long-term deal.

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