Rugby News, 2021 Super Rugby AU Week 8 Report: Melbourne Rebels v Western Force


Melbourne Rebels snatched the early lead with the penalty goal. When Reece Hodge able to clear the kick from the halfway meter line. As Western Force fired off on a poor note. Especially with the isolated build up base with the ball on hand. And it went against their way by the ref. The score sees Rebels lead 3-0 after 2 mins.

Force did win some penalties along the way. They were able to get it going with the defensive setup. Which is some sign of progress. But had limited chances or rushed through it in the attack. It allowed the Rebels to have their crack in return. As Matt Toomua added another three-point goal. Rebels 6-0 Force after 13 minutes.

Before Force bounced back. Where the Rebels gave away penalties in their defensive half. The referee warned Rob Leota about the offside. It was a wake up call that saw Domingo Miotti complete the penalty-goal. Force now 3-6 after 16.

But later slipped away with the offside penalty. Even though they found Bryon Ralston concussed at the initial halfway stage. With the Rebels completed another successful penalty goal. The home side extend their lead to 9-3 after 22 mins.

Nothing much happened with the Force in play. Their defense still gave them a boost regarding a reprieve. Despite seeing Kane Koteka punished via the yellow card. They may have added the safe three-point penalty. But have not yet turned around in the attack which was impatient. As the Rebels pushed the Force back to six points. They lead 12-6 ahead of half-time.

Rebels did have plenty of chances with the ball in hand. But rushed through it that stalled their bid to extend these points. As the Force still strong in the defensive setup. It gave them a chance to bounce back. Where the away team closed the Rebels lead to three points (12-9). Thanks to the penalty kick off Miotti after 52.

Ten minutes later Western Force unable to get themselves ahead. Especially with the poor throw-in. Which cost the away side three points via the penalty goal. Rebels now push them back to six points. The score is 15-9 with just nearly 15 to go.

Western Force at last got past the Rebels half for the touch score. Having won a series of penalties. Picked the full option via the line-out rather than the penalty goal. Kept the maul straight that saw Tim Anstee put the ball down. Before Domingo Miotti converted the two points. Where the away side managed to hold on until the end. Despite the controversial knee slide to Reece Hodge. While Hodge attempted a late drop goal that was unsuccessful.

It could easily have been a penalty as the Rebels fans complained. And see the accuser in the Force camp receive a straight punishment. But the referee called it a day. As the final score is the Melbourne Rebels 15-16 Western Force.

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