Rugby News, 2021 Super Rugby AU Week 8 Round Up


Reds may have fired off from behind. Not only they conceded a few penalties. Their finishing was mislead. Which lead to leaked points for the first 50-60 mins. But they did make some gains from somewhere defensively. It aided them winning penalties. Where they added a couple of safe three-points into the goal.

Before the Reds were finally settled after the break. Credit to James O’Connor who produced a playmaking masterclass. He found a way to crack the Brumbies territory. Unpacking that cross-kick is one of their weapons. That influenced most of their big touch scores. Such as Josh Flook & Jordan Petaia who also learned off JOC for his 50/22 kick. As the Reds overtook a late winning move that ended up on top.

Brumbies on the other hand moved ahead immediately. They were able to get their attacking setup organised. Due to the winning penalties & ball on hand. It aided their early big scores. With two in the first 40 off Folau Faingaa. And Tom Banks who made a brilliant intercept off the poor long ball. Where no one was there to stop him.

Plus the third from Tom Wright in the second half. But unfortunately the momentum was not the same. When the Brumbies conceded plenty of ill-discipline along the way. Not only it cost them a couple of small points off the goal. It ultimately hit them hard by the final hooter. After the Reds ran from behind & produced two big scores. In which was enough for the home side to win. And it is something they must address ASAP. If the Brumbies want another championship.

While we wind back another cracking ball game from Friday. Which is the Rebels v Force in Melbourne also during Week 8.

Melbourne Rebels jumped ahead on the scoresheet early. Having oversaw the Force poor start. Such as the winning penalties. Which saw them control what they want to do with the ball. The safe shots into the goal are always there. As seen with their attacking strategy so far in 2021 Super Rugby AU. Where the home side lead by six points (12-6) at the break.

But the only weakness that ultimately robbed them is the finishing. There was long balls flying everywhere. And not one/two players picked up the ball. In order to try and complete these offloads. It is very difficult to have that communication flowing. Even from a medium to far away distance. That allowed the Force to make up lost time. Before it was too late to catch up with a narrow loss in the end.

And on Western Force. They may not have the best starts. Where their attack was not up to scratch in the initial run. But the defensive part was good. It allowed them to make some progress. That aided winning penalties along the way. With two three-point goals scored in the first half.

They continued maintaining that build up base after the break. Such as more winning penalties. As well as the ball on hand. Where both of these strengths saw them close the lead on the Rebels. Before the Force were able to bridge their executions. Thanks to Tim Anstee who came off the bench. And submitted that winning touch score with less than five to go. In they went to hold the Rebels off by the final siren. After Reece Hodge missed that drop goal attempt going wide left.

We cannot wait for Round 9 of the 2021 Super Rugby AU. It will be the Western Force v Waratahs in Perth on Saturday Night. While Melbourne Rebels take on the Brumbies next Sunday. There is no Friday game until Week 10. As Reds take the bye.

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