Rugby Union News, 2021 Super Rugby AU Week 9 Round Up


Western Force have back to back wins now. They fired off really well with the points on the board. Although the Force were inconsistent at times. Especially when they lost a few penalties to the away team. And the Tahs take over the lead later on. But never gave up until the every end. When they came from behind with ten to go. Before taking advantage of the Tahs poor line-out throw. And done enough with two late good penalty goals.

Waratahs were left gutted in the dying seconds. They did make up some lost time in the first 40. Having seen them concede via the ill-discipline. But have settled during the second 40. Such as two tries on the board. There is no fault about them defensively as of late. Especially with a few key players coming back. But the only real mistake was the poor line out just after the final hooter. Only for the Force to win a penalty & kicked into the goal. They still have a few areas to improve. Just another loss at the wrong time sadly.

In case if you missed it the Force won by a single point in Perth (31-30). As they have their finals hopes still alive going into Week 10. Then we look at another cracking game in Melbourne. Where the Rebels v Brumbies earlier this afternoon.

Melbourne Rebels got away early in the first 30-35 minutes. They may have took advantage of the Brumbies poor start. But there were a few inconsistent runs spotted there. Such as two players sit on the naughty chair. And the ill-discipline which ultimately lost their lead ahead of half-time. Rebels did make some lost time in the 2nd 40. Just unlucky when they were not patient with their attacking setup. And that hurts with a six point loss in the end.

And Brumbies got away with a win in Melbourne. They might have fallen behind at the start. But settled very well to hold on for the majority. Credit is due with the Rebels mistakes. Both with the lost penalties/disjointed talk up. And used these ball opportunities that put more pressure in return. Before they held on tight in defense. That is by making the Rebels struggle to execute. Which was enough to win that penalty after the final hooter. And cap off a great afternoon in the office. Both the bye next week and the Qualifying Final v Force or Rebels ahead.

The final score is Melbourne Rebels 20-26 Brumbies. As the home side need to win big v Waratahs away next Saturday. And see Queensland Reds beat the Force in five days. That is the only scenario if Rebels are to finish third. So they can be in the Qualifying Final for the 2nd straight year. Then have an extended run from there for a meeting v Reds in the Final.

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