Rugby News, 2021 Super Rugby AU Final: Reds v Brumbies Game Report


Queensland Reds got ahead first with the three-point goal after two minutes. When the Brumbies were exposed in defense which led to a lost penalty. But they were patient going forward with holding most of the possession. That is how the away side took away their first touch points from Tom Banks. While Reds may still have the defensive shape. They did not have much chances with the ball on hand. Especially via the poor throw-in. Reds 3-7 Brumbies after 15 minutes.

Nothing much happened over the next ten minutes of play. But the Reds began to have an extended run against the Brumbies own half. They may not be able to get over the touch line. But snatched another successful penalty goal to make a one-point buffer at 6-7. Before ACT Brumbies extended their lead. Following the penalty against the Reds.

The score goes to the away side at 6-10 in the 32nd minute. Followed by another successful three-pointer into the goal at half-time, 6-13. With Queensland being isolated with a lack of support runners going forward. That led to limited chances with the ball which converted into leaked penalties.

Brumbies began to concede a couple of penalties after the break. While Reds got their first chances upfront early this time. The touchdown may not be there yet as denied by the referee. But got three-points between the sticks. As Reds trail ACT Brumbies by five points with 30 minutes left at 9-13. No score has been made over the next ten minutes. Brumbies did lose Rob Valetini via the yellow card. While Queensland close in the Brumbies lead to just one point. With 17 minutes left at 12-13.

Going into the last ten minutes of the 2021 Super Rugby AU Final. ACT Brumbies continued to distance themselves from the Reds. Having seen them tick off the penalty goal. The score is a four point difference between the two teams at 12-16. In the end the Brumbies desperately tried to hold off Queensland towards another potential title. Despite having lost two men to the ten minute naughty chair. But Reds never gave up with the endless penalties won.

Before the home team finally got themselves a touchdown. Courtesy of their skipper James O’Connor. In which was enough to cross the finish line first. And secure the 2021 Super Rugby AU title for Queensland Reds. The final score at Suncorp Stadium is 19-16.

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