Rugby News, 2021 Super Rugby Trans-Tasman RD3: Reds v Chiefs Report


Reds fired off with a great start in Townsville. Chiefs on the other hand have been good defensively. But struggled with the ill-discipline. Such as the deliberate fumble from Chase Tiatia. While Queensland were under advantage. That cost the away team a penalty TRY. Tiatia was instantly given a yellow card by the referee. He had to sit out for ten minutes.

Followed by a fabulous inside ball from Tate McDermott. Where he helped Issac Henry finish the clear chase. Before Tate was bumped heavily by Damian McKenzie. As the referee sent him off under red for the rest of tonight. With Chiefs now on 13 men. Reds continued to take advantage of their decline.

When the home team made a patient play via the far right corner. There was clear passage of passes. And it gave the perfect offload for Suliasi Vunivalu who finished their 3rd TRY. Then built another touchdown off the back from Feao Fotuaika. Plus the 5th big score based on the penalties accrued. Which eventually saw Isaac Henry register his 2nd touch finish. It goes to show that Reds shown patience going forward so far tonight.

Half-Time: Reds 33-3 Chiefs

Reds continued their momentum after the break. They were patient off the back from James O’Connor at 10. Where he produced a stunning cross kick on the right flank. Saw Suliasi Vunivalu catch the ball first. Before drifting towards the opposite flank. And saw a clear route with the finish courtesy of Filipo Daugunu.

Chiefs eventually got themselves settled at last. Thanks to them finishing the 20 minute red card rule. Which puts them on a level playing field with the Reds. They may not have Damian McKenzie back for the rest of the night. But they have some fresh faces coming off the bench. And look to stake their claim for next game.

They began to catch up with a couple of touch points. Having seen the forwards make up the hard work upfront. As seen earlier defensively. While Queensland are faltering at the same time. Before one or two on the backline gave them a huge threat. And look to break their hearts towards the final siren. But Reds hold off so tight for the winning scrum & lockout.

Final score: Reds 40-34 Chiefs

Reds really took advantage of the Chiefs rough play. And did just that with as many touchdowns scored in the first 40. Before they stayed ahead. With 13 men at the time Reds were patient going forward. The passage of play was there. Alongside the use of wide areas via the channels. It was well set up to throw decoy runners. Which saw them become the 1st Australian team to win in this comp. Despite the poor last 20 minutes that almost end up as a loss.

Chiefs at last never gave up. Especially during late in the 2nd half alone. They were unstoppable to give the Reds a huge threat in the final third. Credit to their forwards who kept a great eye on the Reds faults. Both in the defensive shape at first. Followed by the attack. That eventually saw one/two players score from the backline. Which they were almost close towards winning. But not enough time due to ill-discipline earlier on.

Reds will be at home once again. But at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane. When they host The Blues from Auckland. That is Friday night. While Chiefs return home in Waikato next Saturday afternoon. Their next challengers are the Melbourne Rebels. Three down, two rounds to go.

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