2021 Wimbledon Tennis News, Women Singles Final Review of Ash Barty v Karolina Pilskova


This year’s Wimbledon women singles final is incredible to watch.

Great start to build a great 1st set base from Ash Barty at 6-3 which isn’t hard.

She may have fought tough close battles against Karolina Pilskova along the way, having lost the second set 6-7 via the tiebreaker (2-7).

The competitiveness remained top quality going into the 3rd set, as Pilskova did her best to stay in contention.

But it’s Barty who pulled off first at the finish line, when she overcame another stage of huge duels against Pilskova at 6-3. That is enough to crown her as this year’s Wimbledon ladies singles champion.

Well done on making the whole entire of Australia proud Ash!!

And fair play to Pilskova on her fightback from the 2nd set after a slow start, she just couldn’t find the time needed to hold back Barty.

Onto to the Matteo Berrettini v Novak Djokovic meeting in the Men’s Singles Final tomorrow now.

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