Soccer News, Oly Whites out of the Olympic Quarter Finals after Japan win via penalty kicks 4-2


Well it’s a great journey for the Oly Whites or All Whites as they’re known through Soccer in New Zealand when they made it to the final eight, despite the fact they lost the second game v Honduras & a drawn previous game v Romainia.

That main credit came from their win during Game 1 v South Korea 1-0 courtesy of Captain Chris Wood.

They were good defensively that kept the game scoreless throughout 120 minutes of play, even a couple of saves from goalkeeper Michael Woud have held Japan back from closing out in regular 90 mins & an extra 30 mins.

But when it comes to the finishing/scoring parts NZ unfortunately lack the firepower needed in the net except Wood & Callum McCowatt, they just couldn’t find a way to trick Japan while the opposition remained calm with clean spotless strikes.

The final score is 0-0 with Japan as victors via penalty kicks 4-2.

What’s next for Japan now is they will have a big task ahead against Spain & fight for a spot in the gold medal match.

And there is no doubt that New Zealand will come back stronger, especially with a couple of talented youngsters coming through plus an automatic qualification looming for the 2026 FIFA World Cup.

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