Laver Cup 2021, Team Europe’s hot streak continues 3-0 as Andrey Rublev comes from behind after the 1st set to hold off David Schwartzman


Russian Andrey Rublev started well for Team Europe with a 2-0 lead so far in Day 1 but lost his way in the middle of the first set where Argentine Diego Schwartzman began to catch up for Team World and took the lead 6-4.

However, Rublev rebounded after the break when he had an easy 2nd set performance that held Schwartzman back at 6-3 as the Russian has another chance to add 3-0 for Team Europe while Schwartzman may have gone up and running as of late but needs to refresh & go all in towards the tiebreaker for Team World.

And the hot streak for Team Europe continues 3-0 as Rublev came back from behind to fend off a brilliant series of battles in an 11-9 tiebreaker, it’s heartbreaking once again for Team World when they fired off well in the 1st set and tiebreaker but just unable to find the consistency that lacked execution.

Another brilliant game nonetheless that gives an excellent reason why fans would want to pay & watch this three-day competition at TD Garden in Boston.

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