No word on when Sky Sports News will be heading next year for sports fans in America after NBCSN’s demise on Friday


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So we’ve entered the last 24 hours of NBCSN’s on-air programming before its shutdown by midnight & 6 am after a three-hour block of infomercials on Saturday morning as there’s still no word regarding where Sky Sports News will end up in 2022.

We’ve checked through the two-week TV Passport listings for USA Network, who will inherit most of NBCSN’s content on cable beginning this Saturday, and there’s no Sky Sports News on their weekly schedule at all. We don’t know why but it seems USA will only throw in sports such as Premier League Soccer when it’s live mightily through weekends and some on weekdays, they want to retain their core focus of entertainment that worked so well over the last 20-30 years & see themselves as a rival of TNT & TBS which isn’t going away anytime soon.

All we can hope now for is for Sky Sports News to end up on Peacock just like Pro Football Talk where they just announced their fate a few hours ago ahead of NBCSN’s shutdown, it would be great if they can stream at least two hours of programming in the morning with a mix of soccer as well as rugby and cricket before sports fans can get their fix there in case they missed it anytime after that on-demand.

We’ll see if NBC Sports has an update on this one imminently either through email or social media or else announce it during the final two-hour Sky Sports News bulletin on NBCSN later today.

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