Major change at ABC with Dancing with the Stars heading off to Disney + in order to make way for Monday Night Football


The world of sports broadcasting is ever-changing. With several new platforms in Amazon Prime, Peacock, and the like all trying to get their foot in the NFL streaming door, overtaking traditional means of broadcasting from the likes of NBC and ABC.

ESPN+ has done its best to keep up with the trend and has completely revamped its commentary booth, snagging FOX Sports duo Joe Buck and Cowboys Hall of Famer Troy Aikman. Together, the pair is one of the best commentary duos of the last decade and it is a major coup for ESPN to nab the pair.

Another move that shows the power of streaming services, Dancing with the Stars, after being on ABC since 2005, will be moving to the streaming platform, Disney+. The move by the ABC was driven by the corporation’s decision to simulcast multiple games on ESPN’s Monday Night Football.

Only several games will be shown in the 8-10 pm timeslot and ABC will have one exclusive game throughout the 2022 NFL season. Dancing with the Stars was moved off the ABC to showcase the several NFL games with the corporation’s contract due to begin in 2022.

With the NFL’s broadcasting rights worth a truckload of money, every media organization is doing its best to not get left behind. The ABC is hoping to get a foothold in the industry of streaming as over the next decade or so, more and more streaming services will be wanting in on the action, with Amazon Prime thought to be the biggest player of all.

When the NFL season is in full swing, many eyeballs around the world are glued. It is one of the most-watched sports on the planet. With streaming being the “in thing” now, companies do not want to get left behind and the ABC is starting on its journey and looking to the future.

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