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About Me

Hi! My Name is Matthew, and I’m 22 years old living in Sydney, Australia.

Sports Benches is a blog talking about a variety of topics that I have to offer such as:

  • Reviewing Cricket and other sports products, always bias towards New Balance because it’s my favorite brand!
  • Thoughts on NASCAR
  • Analyzing on International Cricket
  • Taking you field trips both locally and Internationally
  • Journaling my time as an amateur cricket player

This site aims to connect with fellow sports and auto racing fans from all over the world.

That means I want to document my progress within my perspective of Cricket having played the sport for four years.

Besides, I want to expand my portfolio beyond my life as an amateur cricket player, such as providing my thoughts on NASCAR.

I’m also looking to expand avenues into reviewing products that I like & go to field trips both local & overseas off my pocket.

Thank you for your time reading with me on Sports Benches.

Make sure that you tell your family and friends to please share my blog; it would be much appreciated!